Thursday, 6 September 2012

Patient Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where are you situated?
A: Suite 2, Eugene Park, Eugene Marais Hospital, corner of Booysen and 5th Avenue,Pretoria. 

Q: What are your contact details?
A: Office: (012) 335 0984
     Fax: (012)335 5732
     Cell: 082 771 7588

Q: What is your appointment and scheduling policy?
Patient visits are by appointment only. We try to stay as close to our schedules as possible, though unforeseen problems and emergencies can occur.

Q: What if I need to cancel my appointment?
If you must cancel an appointment, please let us know as soon as possible by calling (012) 335 0984. There is a full consultation fee for missed appointments that are not cancelled ahead of time.

Q: What about urgent appointments?
Time is left in each day for urgent appointments. If you have an urgent problem please call us at (012) 3350984. We will make every effort to have you seen that day.

Q: Can I reach Dr Smith after hours, during evenings, weekends and holidays?
If you are experiencing any type of life-threatening emergency, please call for an ambulance eg 082911 immediately. When the office is closed, Dr Smith (or a paediatrician standing in for her) is always available for urgent care. Dial 0827717588 to contact Dr Smith or to get information regarding the paediatrician standing in for her. Unless you need to call an ambulance, we encourage you to call the office or cell before going to the Emergency Room. Often, the Emergency Room trip can be avoided.

Q: Can I leave a phone message with my doctor?
Feel free to leave a message with the receptionists at (012) 335 0984 if you have a question or a problem. Dr Smith attempts to return calls as soon as possible. Please inform the receptionist if you will not be available at a certain time. Calls are handled in order of medical priority.

Q: What do I do with camp, sports, or school forms?
Bring all forms with you to your well check-up. If you have forms at other times of the year, please drop them off at our front desk. Be aware that Dr Smith will not be able to complete the forms if your child has not had a routine well check-up in the past 6 months. Routine check-ups can avoid this problem. Occasionally, it may be necessary for your child to come in for a test or immunization specific to the form; we will call you if this is the case. Please allow 3-5 days for Dr Smith to complete your forms.

Q: How do I get a referral to a specialist or for a medical service?
Dr Smith is available for any patients with or without medical aids. Some medical aids require that your primary general practitioner co-ordinate all referrals to specialists. If this is required by your medical aid please have your valid authorization number available by the time you arrive for your appointment.

Q: Where do I get laboratory and diagnostic tests?
For all blood tests you will usually be sent to a laboratory on the hospital premises. X-rays and other imaging procedures are primarily performed at Eugene Marais Hospital. Dr Smith will provide you with the necessary information for any testing that is ordered at one of these nearby facilities, and please note that all tests are billed separately by the facility that administers the test.

Q: After I have completed my blood test and/or imaging procedure, when will I be able to find out the results?
If Dr Smith has requested any type of testing as part of your medical care, please be aware that results will take approximately 7 business days to get back to you from the time you get your tests done. This process includes time to process labs or read imaging tests, report results to your doctor, have your doctor review the test results, and then communicate with you. It is our policy to communicate test results to you in all cases, whether your results are "normal" or not. This will be done either by phone call, or via sms.

Be assured that significantly abnormal test results are transmitted to you IMMEDIATELY after they have been received.

Q: How do I get a prescription repeated?
If you need a prescription repeated please call the office several days before your prescription runs out, to allow adequate time to process the script. Schedule 7 prescriptions must be picked up in person. In addition, scripts are not repeated at night or on weekends when there is no access to your medical records.

Q: What fees do you charge patients?
Private (no medical aid) and Medical Aid patients are all welcome. Payment of any levies, co-payments and outstanding accounts is expected at the time of service. Please feel free to discuss any questions regarding fees with our office by calling (012) 3350984.
Q: What happens if I change Medical Aids or postal address?
Please let the office staff know as soon as possible of any Medical Aid or postal address changes. You can either fax a copy of your new medical aid card to (012) 3355732, or send us a copy in the mail. As soon as we receive your new information, it will be updated in our system immediately.